“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

Muhammad Ali

Conor grew up in rainy Belfast, known by some as Dublin’s ugly big brother, a sentence which doesn’t make Conor very happy though. 

Conor studied History & Politics, but his passion for business led to him studying an MSc in Communication, Advertising and PR. This Master’s degree gave Conor a broad knowledge of digital and the confidence to set up his own online business. After 18 months he had steered the business in the right direction and he moved on to his next challenge: working as a marketer in the capital of digital marketing, London.

When we met Conor we knew we couldn’t let him go. He brings a wide and robust academic background, a very considered and data driven approach to analysis and a wealth of practical experience in running online businesses. It is therefore no great surprise that Conor runs some of our most taxing real time bidding display campaigns.

Conor describes himself as a sport lover; he is also a big Liverpool fan. If you don’t see him in the office he might be practising one of the 105 sports he plays: Football, Gaelic Football, Tennis, Swimming and running are just some examples. Travelling is his other passion; he’s visited Australia and pretty much every single country in Europe (maybe?) but still has a big list of countries he would like to visit. Nothing that his family need worry about though, he will always have time to visit them at least once every other month!