“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. If only one remembers to turn on the light!”

Albus Dumbledore

Originally from Portsmouth, but spending most of her life in Fleet (“the land of garden centres and the older people”), Claire had a hectic schedule as a child – her typical week included ballet, flute and piano classes, as well as Brownies and a variety of sports. Whilst juggling all of that, Claire found her love for Geography and more specifically the travel that came with it…

Whilst studying for her A Levels, Claire went to Iceland on a study trip and in her 2nd year of uni (whilst studying Geography and Demography), she went to Ghana to collect data on local life. Whilst there she surveyed the locals on their experiences with coastal erosion – they proclaimed they didn’t have any idea what it was and never saw the effects, even though their coastal houses got swept away every year one by one, and they constantly lived in flooding… which some might call the effects of coastal erosion.

After that not too successful trip of data gathering Claire trotted off to China to teach English, where the locals hadn’t quite gotten to grips with English names - two of her students were called Market and Robin Hood! After completing her summer of travel Claire returned to uni to complete her degree and gained an impressive First.

When Claire isn’t running our clients’ Programmatic campaigns like a pro, you can find her planning her next trip and popping up on prime time Channel 4 cooking shows (she appeared on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday night feast, albeit eating for 2 seconds). We are thrilled to welcome Claire to the Merkle family!