“You’re not a good as you think you are, you’re not as bad as they say you are.”

Echezona Udokwu

Born in Zimbabwe but raised in the cloudy midlands of Coventry, England, Christian had already gained more air miles than most before the age of 3 – travelling over 7000 miles north across the globe! Christian was something of a troublemaker as a child, but also an avid sportsman with a love of football and rugby. Unfortunately, due to an injury that left him with two screws in his shoulder, he had to sit out of his rugby team for the first two years of university, however a few screws to his shoulder didn’t stop him from playing football!

When Christian isn’t running around the playing field, you can find him chilling at home whilst listening to his favourite tunes with a dish of his beloved spicy chicken. Rumour has it, Christian likes to keep a small bottle of hot sauce with him at all times – so he’s always ready to add a little spice to his life.

After studying Accounting and Finance at UEA, Christian developed a strong interest in data. Since graduating, he worked at three different jobs before settling here at Merkle Periscopix, where he sought to delve deeper into the wonderful world of Programmatic Display.