“I’m like a cash machine – if you push the right buttons, I will give you money.”

Alex Finn, The Apprentice 2018

Chloe comes from the market town of Epping, famous for its forest and James Buckley from The Inbetweeners. She can regularly be spotted in the forest during one of her 5k runs after a long day’s work gleefully screaming “Work? Completed it mate!”. The residents of Epping would grow tired of hearing the phrase, if it wasn’t their newly adopted town slogan.

If you’re not able to spot Chloe on one of her runs, that’s probably because she’s in the middle of her other favourite hobby, sleeping - a strong worker needs their rest. This is also exactly the motto her bichon frise lives by. Belonging to the non-sporting group of dog breeds, Alfie is always there to encourage Chloe to take a nap, with the more selfish desire to have a lap to sleep on.

Studying Economics at The University of East Anglia proved to be a great experience for Chloe. Moving to the city of Norwich opened her eyes to many different voices and opinions. She consistently names Alan Partridge as a key figure in her life. While Chloe’s got her favourite song ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ on repeat, it becomes clear around the office whenever an account of hers registers a conversion; “Back of the net!” comes out of Chloe's mouth more often than “hello”.

Merkle wasn’t the first company Chloe worked for that serviced big name clients. While working as a waitress, she served Coldplay during Prince Harry’s charity gig. It looked as though they were going to be unsatisfied with their meal – Chris Martin stared at his plate and cried out, “how can I Fix You?”. This could’ve spelled Trouble, but luckily Chloe was on hand. In a eureka moment, she exclaimed “A-ha!”, and utilising her years of practice, she ran to the kitchen at the Speed of Sound to get him a new meal. When Chris tasted the delicious food, he claimed he was now in Paradise.

Chloe’s active nature and lively spirit will put you in safe hands as she gets your campaigns running swiftly in the right direction.