“Fantasy is a place where it rains.”

Italo Calvino

Chiara is one of those people your parents talked about when discussing how much of a disappointment you are. She’s always studying, always learning, always doing something constructive to better herself, like she’s some kind of sentient AI trying to accumulate as much knowledge as possible before its creators get scared and shut it off.

Chiara grew up in a small town in the north east of Italy surrounded by Prosecco vineyards. Not content with her standard full-time education, she decided to spend six years learning the piano at a nearby conservatoire. She then got herself a bachelor’s and a master’s in Italian Literature (in Padua and Venice respectively) while working as a tutor for American students. Feeling inadequate yet? Don’t worry, it gets worse.

Abandoning her home country, she moved to London to do another course, this time in strategic management. To help finance this she worked as a chef in a Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch where the Tequila flowed like water and where Emma Watson once went on a date. Once again feeling the call of the world, she moved to Shanghai to work in marketing but soon got tired of not studying anything so moved back to London to get yet another master’s degree, this one in media and communications. A few more marketing jobs later and she wanted more opportunities to learn, which lead her to us (we’re good like that).

These days you can find her bringing statistical rigour to the optimisation and analysis of the paid media of some of our biggest clients. When she’s not doing that she can be found cooking, reading, taking pictures, doing yoga, salsa dancing or studying for a third and probably not even final master’s degree (focused on marketing). Yes, really.

See, while you or I might while away an evening watching Netflix, playing video games or disappointing our parents, Chiara is bettering herself. That’s her idea of fun. We never even stood a chance.