“If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.”


Guernsey-native Charlie was a big fan of her quiet, island lifestyle: never having to lock your door, knowing all your neighbours and having the sea close at hand. Little did she know her world would be shattered when she was whisked away to the hustle and bustle of Manchester at age 11.

Charlie quickly forgave her family for this betrayal and they have a very close relationship. During her years in Bath studying French and International Business she would visit regularly (a practice she hopes to keep up after having moved to London).

But wait… we are jumping ahead of ourselves! Charlie spent a year of her degree working in Paris in the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of a giant in the business world. This was perfect practice for Merkle | Periscopix life, she says, even down to the faux grass and desk thickness (don’t ask!). A year in a European country gave her the bug and Charlie went on to spend 5 months travelling through 20 countries in Europe.

Life has been like a sitcom for Charlie with mishaps such as a broken foot, sprained ankle, food poisoning and a stolen backpack colouring her trip. Top that off with living in a south London flat alongside three “lads” and our Island girl certainly ain’t in Guernsey anymore! Always up for a challenge, though, Charlie is looking forward to tackling big city life and big data in her role as a PPC account manager.