“If you want to be happy, be.”

Leo Tolstoy

Born in London, Charlie grew up in leafy Surrey but returned to her roots to study a degree in Geography at UCL. Charlie left with many fond memories of her time there, the most notable being when she dressed up as an erupting volcano for a Geography social, as well as lots of jet setting for foreign field trips. Less fondly remembered is the time she was locked into Urban Outfitters’ flagship store after closing time whilst working there part time during uni, with her and her colleague needing to be rescued by the police.

Allergic to kiwifruit and terrified of heights, Charlie likes to take out her frustration on the Netball court, much to the worry of her friends. Off the court, she is not averse to the celebrity lifestyle; she’s been a ball-girl for Rafael Nadal and had her face put onto the back of buses in Surrey for her sixth form marketing campaign.

Charlie loves to experiment with different hair styles and colours regularly, which has led to her facing accusations from her friends of being a spy. She claims to wish that there was a ‘gym like’ monthly subscription to her local salon, such is her penchant for changing looks. When Charlie’s not at the hairdressers, she’s enjoying music festivals or trying to squeeze in a mini break with her mates!

After completing a summer internship at one of the big four working on an advertising project, she discovered her love of marketing. With a bit more research and through touching on the role of marketing in consumers’ shopping habits within her dissertation, she decided that a role in Programmatic Display at Merkle Periscopix was the one for her. If you’re looking for insights into targeting, or a bit of strategy, Charlie is your girl.