“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”


Solutions expert and mobile pioneer Charlie was born and raised in Rugby. It must be an amazing place because he’s still up there with possibly the lengthiest commute known to man, making him the only analyst who literally* travels 500 miles and then 500 more just to be the one to lay his analytics knowledge at your door.

Charlie’s long had a love for all things computer science, starting out teaching himself whatever he could find on YouTube. Ultimately, he took this love to Northumbria University to study Ethical Hacking for Computer Security, emphasis on the ethical, he’s the hero Analytics both needs and deserves.

Maintaining the traveller theme for a second, Charlie also loves to explore, having most recently spent 4 months roaming the East Coast of the US. Highlights included an amazing burger in an undisclosed Times Square joint as well as a disputed sighting of a mountain lion! Somewhere along the way he picked up a few skills though because Charlie reckons he makes a mean lasagna and an amazing New York cheesecake! However, the regular Periscopix bake sales are sadly yet to tempt him.

Charlie was drawn to Periscopix because we looked different in a sea of generic. Now, when he’s not championing mobile analytics, he’s working on a variety of tracking solutions for a wealth of international clients, including some of our biggest names, so give him a call!

* in line with the Oxford Dictionary’s revised definition