“Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger!”

Tony Hsieh

Clever Catherine was born in Dublin before moving to Surrey around age 5. When she wasn’t falling headfirst out of 8-foot trees or dodging herds of stampeding cows, she spent her childhood (and much of her adulthood in fact) in unrelenting competition with her older brother. Manifesting itself in a passion for sports, there are very few activities Catherine didn’t excel at: dance, gymnastics, netball, golf, tennis, and horse riding were just some of those she has mentioned. Although, please note that ‘tree climbing’ is not included in that list.

This terrifying healthy competitive nature truly came into its own at school, where competitive Catherine’s taste for victory was piqued during netball games - with a champion undefeated streak of 33 games! Golf games with her brother ended slightly less elegantly, however, with clubs often finding themselves in trees by the end of the game. Obviously, Catherine’s defeat had nothing to do with this! Nonetheless she continued her sportswomanship while at the University of Leeds (while studying English & History of Art), and established an intermural netball league that welcomed 6 teams… who were all crushed into oblivion by Catherine’s squad. Go English and History of Art! 

When Catherine is not asserting her dominance on the sports pitches, you can find her creating beautiful portraits with oil paint; her preferred subjects often from the golden years of life. She says it’s because elderly people make more interesting subjects – I suspect it’s because she can better beat them in an arm wrestle. But, it was spending 2 months in Fiji teaching kindergarteners French and Classical poetry (rather you than me), that gave her the social buzz! The township had no electricity or Wi-Fi, meaning photos for her beloved Instagram had to be stockpiled for her return home. “Never again!” said Catherine, yet again falling headfirst, but this time into Merkle Periscopix’s social team. 

And it is these 3 C’s – Clever, Competitive and Creative -  that will make Catherine thoroughly unbeatable when managing your social campaigns. And if anyone tries to get in the way of her social success? Good luck to them – they’ll need it…