“Treat Yo’ Self”

Parks and Recreation

Born and raised in ‘standard, boring’ Loughborough, Caitlin has always longed for the thug life. As such, her time in England thus far has been characterised by a series of bizarre and somewhat hazardous attempts to rebel. At the tender age of 5, she ran away to join the circus. At 12, she took to stalking the streets sporting a menacing black eye. At 19, she escaped her languages course at Warwick University to spend a year with ‘some very odd people’ in the ‘manky hostel’ of a suburban Italian ghetto. And then, at 21, confessing to having only three friends, Caitlin turned to the needle.

All this, of course, is not entirely true. For despite Caitlin’s lifelong attempt to establish herself as a maverick travelling gangster, home is clearly where her heart is. At 5, she evaded her parents’ gaze for one solitary moment, ending up on stage at a French circus show. At 12, she received an accidental blow to the face playing ping pong. At 19, she took an Erasmus year abroad in Genoa (“it’s pronounced Genova, not Genoa”, she insists in her best Hermione Grainger drawl). She even brought her parents with her! And, at 21, she devoted her free time to the homeliest of past-times: sewing.

So, far from being the next Tulisa-style ‘female boss’, crafty Caitlin sews her own clothes, bakes her own cakes and tidies her own room. In joining Periscopix, she has also made at least 100 of her own friends, which is at least 97 more than she had before.