“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

This is Ben. He's relieved that he has a new photo to put here because his last one was cheesier than a ripe Roquefort. Ben has been working with clients to achieve online marketing Zen for the last 7 years and now heads up the Web Analytics team. When not training clients on Google Analytics or devising cunning plans, Ben can be found looking for the answer in the fridge, or the bottom of a coffee pot.

As a young boy he was pretty certain he was going to be a footballer, rock star then groundbreaking restaurateur (in that order). Now older and wiser, Ben realises that the glamorous world of search marketing and web analytics was his true calling all along. Although he still entertains the occasional fantasy about owning a restaurant, he's locked in for life. Ben's average time on site is said to be longer than most.

One of our longest standing members, Ben has been leading the charge with campaign and website optimisation at Periscopix since the balmy summer of 2006.

Ben is tired of...

wearing shoes.