“Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something.”

Jake the Dog

Canadian/American Ashley was born in the tundra of Ontario, Canada and grew up in Georgia (USA). She’s equally likely to have been found playing the guitar/piano and singing as playing football (American), baseball, trampoline etc. with the boys and breaking fingers… and toes… and legs… in fact, she broke a bone every single year, grades 1-8!

She also loves her mom & sister and step-dad & two step-sisters, although they’re a very dispersed family. When Ashley was aged 13 (unprepared for the cold) they returned to Ontario. Soon after, her older sister moved to Hong Kong and one of her step-sisters moved to Australia! The younger step sister still lives at home with mom and dad… but as you’ll see – itchy feet run in the family so…

University (round 1), Ashley got her diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production whilst simultaneously redesigning all the clubs’ logos. This was the start of her love for all things shiny and image / marketing related. Having worked in the music industry for two years, she realised it was “a bit of a boys’ club” and pursued her marketing passion, but not before getting down two EPs (no, you may not hear them!)

University (round 2) saw Ashley studying for a bachelor’s in Business Administration majoring in marketing. It was here that she ran sponsored pitch competitions where businesses would vote on the winner. At the JDCC, she and her partner took First Place with a pretty nifty cash prize! Following on from this, a career in marketing was a given, but Ashley set her sights across the pond!

Now, having lived in the UK 18 months Ashley has given up sports – for her own (and others…) safety! Her globe-trotting genes still run strong, though, and she maintains a goal to keep the country count above the age (currently doing well at 28 vs 24, with Spain the next target to take it to 29)! She also joined the National Trust to look at castles at the weekend…

So, if a design-loving, globe-trotting, pitch-perfect go-getter sounds like the kinda person you want running your Programmatic campaigns then Ashley may just be your gal!