“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so”

Galileo Galilei

From debating with Killroy to a Guinness world record for the longest ever penalty shootout, Arran has a tale or two to tell. For example; he reckons he is the only Arran Gosal on earth. If you’re reading this and your name is Arran Gosal, do get in touch and prove him wrong, it will make our day.

Arran fled his native Derby to the bright lights of London to become an internationally recognised SEO guru. What with Pandas, Penguins and shady practice the norm in the dark world of Search Engine Gaming he found his way to a fulfilling life in web analytics.

Bringing his winning formula of an array of client management skills, SEO expertise and a degree in economics to the (pivot) table at Periscopix, Arran is already Excel-ing as an integral part of the Analytics team.

Arran dreams of...

The White Isle