“We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out – and we have only just begun.”

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Born and bred in hilly Hertfordshire, Anthony quickly developed an intrigue for all things above him. Whether it be the rim of a basketball hoop (his most beloved sport) or the eternal depths of outer space, he has always soared through life to reach every peak. This led him to up sticks from his hometown and hit the big city, where he studied Accounting at Queen Mary’s University - obviously he knows his way around a budget. From here he joined the Merkle | Periscopix team and developed a deep passion for programmatic display, an area to which he is well on the path to mastery.

In keeping with his astrophysical love affair, Anthony’s life idol is none other than Neil DeGrasse Tyson. In fact, he is so overcome with a longing to breach the final frontier that when space travel becomes publicly accessible (a day Anthony longs for) he claims he will be the first to sign up. We hope he hangs around on Earth a bit longer before he shoots off to fulfil the digital marketing needs of extra-terrestrials. Perhaps more immediately accessible is Anthony’s desire to travel across the United States of America, a place he would like to call home should Mars reach its occupancy cap.

When he is not lost in deep thoughts of outer space or the creation of the world as we know it, Anthony returns to Earth by pursuing a deep interest in its inhabitants, citing human psychology as a favoured subject. It is thus unsurprising that he has gone to great lengths to help his fellow man, taking on several projects to raise money for children’s charities in Africa. He also recently undertook a pilgrimage to Lourdes in France, which, to quote the man himself, “was basically supervising the elderly whilst they got drunk” – sounds as good a charity work as any. Aside from this, he loves to kick back with a good film, The Lion King being his all-time favourite (we can’t believe it’s not Space Jam!).

Whether you are looking for a teammate on the basketball courts, or, far more likely, someone to fulfil your programmatic needs, Anthony is a ‘slam-dunk’ employee who promises to provide an out of this world performance.