“Most people would say ‘the deets’ but I say ‘the tails’. Just another example of innovation.”

Tom Haverford (Parks and Rec)

Born in Crewe, UK, Annabelle moved to South Africa at an early age. Living in Cape Town on a dirt track only 20 steps away from the beach, Annabelle regularly practiced her golfing skills underneath the African sun. However, being a golfing pro already she should’ve invested more time into practicing the trumpet as she just couldn’t learn how to read music, forcing her teacher to write down the actual letters under every single note.

A few years later Annabelle found herself and her family living in an expat village surrounded by oil fields in Qatar. And even though on some days they struggled - with 50 degree heat and 100% humidity - it was amazing: growing up with people from all over the world, nearly being poisoned by a gas leak AND starring in the Dracula school play – she’s just had it all…

After spending her high school years in the Middle East, Annabelle moved back to Cape Town to start her undergrad in English Literature and Classic History at UCT. As she soon discovered that she wouldn’t be able to save the world one poem at a time, she changed her major to Biological Science and volunteered with the Wildlife Foundation on Mauritius for 6 months doing bird surveys.

Having enjoyed her volunteering experience (despite the bucket showers and leaf-loos), Annabelle started a job for a volun-tourism company to connect fellow conservation fans with volunteering opportunities back in ZA. But, as that wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she was following birds through natural reserves, she pursued her Masters Degree in Biological Sciences, to later take on a job for a government organisation in Environmental Data.

Fascinated by the world of data and the opportunities that come with it, Annabelle decided to change her career path and surroundings completely. Looking for a new challenge and a job that makes her happy, she packed her boyfriend and moved to London to dive into the world of Paid Social. While she now tackles the daily struggles of hectic big crowds and a very different sort of bad weather, she also lives her passion for street photography, breakfast (her absolute favourite thing to do), and window cleaners for very tall buildings (“They are like James Bond cleaning windows”). And, even though she misses the ‘pretty amazing’ sun, her two dogs and cheap food, she is happy to  be able to use data more innovatively at Merkle | Periscopix.