“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Soren Kierkegaard

German born and bred (until she was 11), Anna moved to the UK in 2006 with her family. Anna was softened in to the UK living in the Derbyshire countryside, spending her time doing numerous outdoor activities. Anna became a keen hiker, took up Archery, and generally messed around in the fields surrounding the Midlands with her brother.

Having left school, Anna made the trip up to Glasgow for university where she studied all things business. Four years of living over the border followed, delivering a degree in Business Management, an occasional Scottish twang, and perhaps more surprisingly a love of Muay Thai and haggis (not at the same time). Despite having never worn a kilt, Anna did become part of the elusive, invite-only Beta Gamma Sigma society having been in the top ten prefects of her school!

Anna is now in her second spell at Merkle | Periscopix having previously taken part in the summer internship scheme. A year of university life longer and Anna re-joined the team jumping straight back in to the swing of things and moving down to London. Adding to her sporting calibre by managing to persuade people to reluctantly, but rewardingly join in with the free yoga classes. 

From Glasgow to Peckham - Anna has happily taken her love of walking to London with her sometimes clocking over 100 KM a week! She walks to and from work, and generally avoids public transport around London. As she clocks up the miles, she’ll also be clocking up hours of top quality work on numerous PPC accounts.