Anna is our sunny Bulgarian from sunny Bulgaria. Born and raised in the Bulg, keyword optimisation was ingrained in her from an early age. Raised not far from a sunny beach called ‘Sunny Beach’, she then moved to England at 18 to study Marketing, Advertising and PR in Birmingham. Kicking off her digital marketing career at the first opportunity, Anna worked as a graphic design intern while still at university. After graduating she progressed into a small start-up as a Digital Executive where she stumbled across the sensational world of SEO whilst doing copywriting. From her first chance encounter with SEO she was hooked on its ever-changing and fast-paced nature, maintaining a steep learning curve through new challenges. Having been in digital for 4 years, Anna is now an experienced hand, and in that time has become a mobile SEO whiz.

Mobile by SEO, mobile by nature, Anna can often be found jetting off to the Alps for her skiing trips, one of her favourite hobbies, and gliding down slopes comes as naturally to Anna as soaring up Google rankings. To pass the time on home soil, Anna dabbles in salsa dancing, adding some Cuban fury to her Bulgarian flair. Anna recently revealed that she does in fact like pizza (historically a fact widely disputed amongst those close to her), but is a self-proclaimed “pizza snob.”

Anna claims to be “pretty average” as a person, but her friends and colleagues insist otherwise; she is fiercely analytical, full of bright ideas and relishes the opportunity to constantly further her knowledge in all areas of SEO. With mobile searches globally witnessing explosive growth, Anna has become a perfectionist in the art of mobile strategy