“Have a healthy disregard for the impossible.”

Larry Page

International man of action Angelos Alexelis is an extreme sports aficionado. He complements spear fishing and mountain biking in the summer with snowboarding in the winter. By his own admission he falls over more than would statistically be expected, which is why we're so happy he has decided to cycle to work. Cue cycling next to lorries chat from Ben. In truth, we don't mind how Angelos chooses to blow off steam so long as it keeps him from reintroducing his Mohawk.

Angelos attracted our attention when working as a digital marketer in a London agency. His past experience in analytics and MBA from the University of Amsterdam gives him the perfect blend in the GA team to help our clients understand more about the marketing and website performance from a business perspective.

Despite dropping many hints we're yet to catch so much as a whiff of his trademark spaghetti marinara. If you're reading this Angelos, we're hungry over here.

Angelos wants...

to become an astronaut. Too late?!