“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Angela grew up in sunny Madrid, where she got a degree in advertising. She is so passionate about it that she couldn't wait to finish the degree before getting her first job at Ogilvy; she thought she’d learn quicker if she worked while studying for a year, and that’s what she did - why not? While at Ogilvy, she learnt the digital marketing landscape and worked for some very large, well-known brands.

Her other passions, travelling and languages, brought her to Bath, where she did a masters degree in marketing. Angela’s creativity, enthusiasm and analytical skills did not go unnoticed, so she had an offer from Periscopix before she even finished her masters, something similar to what she’d experienced in the past anyway.

If you don’t find Angela in the office, she might be travelling around the world. China, New Zealand and South Africa are some of her past destinations. Angela is what we call "American-Canadian-Spanish", at least she has family in all those countries, so she always has an excuse to get onto a plane, knowing that some friendly faces will be waiting to pick her up in almost every single airport in the world.

Angela also plays the piano; we think she taught herself while sleeping, but she has never answered that question. Angela is very competitive, to the point where she won't stop until she gets what she’s after. We strongly recommend not playing football against her nor going to karaoke. Having said that, if you want her to run some of your programmatic campaigns, she will guarantee the best possible results. If you want to win, she’s the person to have on your team.