“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Dr. Seuss

Andy is from Hull, East Yorkshire, cultural capital of the UK. Growing up (possibly inspired by his grandfather’s love of film), he used to go to the nearest shop for the paper and then run through the TV guide and highlight the films that interested him. Andy lists his two favourite films as: the biggest – Once Upon A time in America; and then there is the go-to for easy viewing… Top Gun.

This passion for film took Andy to Royal Holloway London; where he studied Film Theory and followed up with a master’s degree in film and film production. After graduating, he wanted to get into media – and took a job in an out-of-home advertising company creating posters for London buses, the underground, etc.

There just wasn’t enough real-time buzz and excitement in that role for Andy, so he went back to university to work for the University of Birmingham. This PhD studied how people represent themselves in social media and manage different personas in different platforms. The study culminated in a video biopic - tying together his passion for film with the research!

Academia wasn’t for Andy as he was thirsty to get some hands-on experience in media advertising - which led him to the Merkle | Periscopix programmatic team. This marrying of social media experience and an eye for a good banner made him a perfect fit. So, if you’re looking for big-picture vision with a personal touch, look no further than Mr A. Hart.