“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

Andrew 'Achievement' Ankrah ('Triple A' to his friends) is something of a golden child. With 3 A* and an A at A-Level, plus a chess captaincy under his belt you'd be forgiven for thinking he is an out and out geek. Not so! He also played A team football, tennis, table tennis and hockey at school and even had trials at Arsenal boys. His sporting career continued into university where he captained the squash team and founded his own calisthenics society (we had to look that one up too). Whatever the discipline, it's clear Andy has always striven to be the best at whatever he has done.

The obvious degree choice for Andy was Maths, something that served him well, completing the course in fine style with a First Class Honours BSc. He managed to supplement his love for maths with his growing interest in and passion for programming, making him a natural fit for the GA team of course. During university his 'side projects' (a Java poker room and hand processor for probabilistic data collection and analysis for personal play, with an interactive GUI) sounded every bit as impressive as his actual degree work (Genetic Algorithms in Path Finding & Network Optimization Problems). Andy is now settled into the technical side of the GA team and is leading the way with iOS App tracking and many other bespoke tracking solutions.

Andy is pleased that our current home on the mezzanine of the Periscoplex is allowing lots of scope for chin-ups, muscle-ups and human flags (we're not even mad, just impressed).

Andy wants...

more parks in London