“Walk on air against your better judgement.”

Seamus Heaney

Periscopix’s most successful Olympian; Andrew has competed at 7 Olympics winning 3 golds and 1 silver. Having conquered top-flight equestrianism and changed nationality, hairstyle, age and face, Andy dismounted his mighty steed and focused on another ride, that of white-knuckle PPC.

A childhood he describes as “normal” culminated with a degree in international relations and a masters in management, developing a keen interest in forgotten regions of the world. He took this further by racking up an impressive 4 languages, Swedish, Farsi, Irish and Javascript but sadly these are too obscure to verify.

When he’s not keeping abreast of the quirkier corners of the earth Andy likes nothing better than settling into some Scandinavian crime fiction or teaching himself to build websites. Who knows where the crossover will go but if we ever find a <body> on a bridge he’s our man.

Andrew’s myriad of interests spans space opera novels, gaming & MMA, putting him into a rare sub-category of nerds who could probably beat themselves up. Only kidding; Andy never fought during his time as MMA president at St. Andrews.

So, a programmer with his head in the stars, a fighter with a penchant for diplomacy, Andy’s got the thirst for knowledge to drive your campaigns forward and get them into fighting shape.