“Nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world.”

Jonathan Byers (Stranger Things)

Amelia grew up “deep in the West Country”, in the city of Bristol. Her early years were pretty swell: going to school in the countryside, tagging along to the mega-parties her dad organised for a living and entertaining her two younger sisters. Her highlight of being a kid had to be stumbling across the All Blacks rugby team whilst on a hockey tour to Scotland - the Haka sure didn’t scare her off and she fully enjoyed observing their training session! There were some low points too - a traumatic experience starring as the mushroom in the nativity school (don’t ask) led her to realise she wasn’t going to be the next Kate Winslet, and instead she decided to pursue her interest in the far more glamorous world of Physical Geography at Exeter University. In particular, researching the CO2 levels across Dartmoor... Glamorous! 

Amelia’s interests extend beyond CO2 levels however, and her main hobby at uni was writing a food blog - although, it was less of a hobby and more of a downright necessity in order to educate her clueless housemates on basic human needs for nutrition! After uni, Amelia decided one gap year hadn’t scratched that itch (India was ticked off the bucket list in her first gap year) and she jetted off to explore both North and South America. On her return home - still with her food blog in the back of her mind - she signed up for a coding course in order to begin making her own website… watch this space. 

Fully trained in the world of computer programming, Amelia set her sights on a career to utilise her new skills, so when she spotted the Programmatic Account Manager role, it was a perfect match. She quickly sent off her CV and voila, here she is today. So, if you need your programmatic campaigns whipping into shape, Amelia knows just the right ingredients to make a masterpiece.