“When life gives you lemons, make some lemon earrings.”

Chris (Simpsons artist)

Growing up as the daughter of a gastrointestinal doctor and a microbiology lecturer, Alicia was something of a black sheep with her artsy personality. Nevertheless, these scientific parents nurtured our book-worm, who blossomed into a keen pianist and flautist.

Alicia then went on to study English literature (naturally) and history at Sheffield University. Here, she was able to translate a bookish interest from a splash and paddle into a deeper and fully-explored hobby gaining a certification in Scuba. She hopes one day to achieve her bucket list dream of diving the Great Blue Hole, off the coast of Belize.

Keen to give back, Alicia participated in a charity hitchhike across Lithuania and Croatia where she once found herself bundled into a car with 5 other people en route to a military general’s party where they played dress-up and a pig was the guest of honour!

After university, our itchy-footed explorer took a job teaching kindergarten in Hong Kong where she could have ended up staying if not for a ski accident during her winter break. We are certainly grateful Alicia decided to remain firmly planted on UK shores where she came to offer her expertise to deep-dive data, explore trends and re-write the book on PPC!