“The plan is to fan this spark into a flame.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton)

Alex grew up in North London; a self-proclaimed “popular kid” due to the fact that his Mum worked at his primary school, but his world came crashing down when he moved to a totally different high school from all his friends. Alex asked himself “How do I reclaim my cool kid image?” The answer was obvious: start a super cool soft-rock band called Relentless (after the energy drink of course) and post videos of them playing all over his Bebo page… it seemed to be a success! Other than being a full time cool kid, Alex was interested in football (the only Liverpool supporter in his family of Everton supporters) and musical theatre; a passion ignited when he played the titular role in the Wizard of Oz school play.

Alex studied Sociology at the University of Bristol and was a very active member of the student community. He started a football club, and though they may have been the worst team in Bristol, it’s the taking part that counts! Along with this, he used to present a radio show called “Heal the Hangover” in order to spur on his suffering fellow students through that difficult Sunday morning. We think it’s safe to say Alex managed to preserve his cool kid image…

In his free time Alex enjoys watching a lot of sport and playing football, golf and running. He’s even participated in Tough Mudder a couple of times and has the next one in the diary to be completed this summer with his new colleagues here at Merkle! Alex’s other main passion is musical theatre; he knows the words to every song in Hamilton and regularly goes to see new shows around London. The showbiz life isn’t always glamorous however, as poor Alex once got a nosebleed on stage right in the middle of Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat due to all the dry ice.

Following graduation Alex went travelling around Bali, the sole purpose being to eat as much Asian food as possible and upon his return took up a summer job in digital marketing. He quickly realised that this was the industry for him and he went on to successfully apply for a job here at Merkle.

P.S. Please don’t waste your time trying to find videos of Alex’s band Relentless, it will be a pointless endeavor… trust us...