“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination.”

Nelson Mandela

Alex spent his formative years in West Sussex. A keen adrenaline junkie, he began life as a skater boy, kick flipping and ollying his way through his teens, and was definitely NOT an emo. As a natural born explorer, whilst studying for a degree in Business and Marketing, Alex ran with bulls in Pamplona (twice!), travelled everywhere in south east Asia, drove across the USA in a Ford Mustang and worked and lived on an organic farm in Australia for 5 months, where he specialised in construction, tree felling and surfing.

Previously an account manager at a global telecoms company, Alex was allured into the world of PPC after further researching the digital side of his marketing degree after graduating.

Alex is the person to see about: surfing, post harvest handling of leafy greens and typical cider consumption at a Wurzels concert.

Alex dreams of...

surfing down the barrel