“You’ve got to laugh when you fall off a sofa.”

Alan Partridge

Devon-er through and through, Alex was born and raised in the county and only moved away to go to university. This was the first time that he moved house, having always lived with his family in a small village near Exeter, only a short distance from one of Devon’s many sandy beaches. In fact, he loves the area so much that it forms his go-to fact: Devon is the only county with two coastlines. Alex describes his family as small and ‘unremarkable’ in the nicest sense possible; although he is a bit disappointed that he’s never been able to have a pet dog.

He exchanged the temperate climate and golden coastlines for the cobbled streets of historic York where he studied for his undergraduate degree in English Literature. Despite his love for Devon, he enjoyed living in York so much that he spent an extra year there, cementing his understanding of English Literature with a Masters’ degree. Whilst at university, Alex didn’t just study the conventional plays of Shakespeare, or the lyrical ballads of Wordsworth, but instead chose to focus on more contemporary aspects of film, music & politics. He wrote his 14,000-word masters dissertation on David Bowie’s interaction with West Berlin and Cold War society through his song lyrics. Alex’s appreciation of music extends to other styles, particularly rock, with his favourite band being the Beach Boys.

One of his many hidden talents is his ability to juggle. Alex taught himself how to juggle after attending only a few basic classes. When asked for his best tips on how to learn the skill, he said it’s simply a matter of perseverance – not one for the faint hearted. He’s also an avid rugby player, playing for his university team every year that he was there. During his time on the team (and it may just be a lucky coincidence) they won every one of their Varsity matches!

Another intriguing fact about Alex is his experience as a bodyguard and doorman for York University’s student union. During this time, he worked on the security team for Dame Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief for Vogue since 1988, who actually said hello to him during one of his shifts! Alex’s wide range of experience, perseverance, and expert digital marketing knowledge means that he is the ideal account manager to juggle all of your PPC needs. Ask Alex what his party trick is…