“All my life I've had one dream: to achieve my many goals.”

Homer Simpson

Aidan was born just a stone’s throw from Periscopix HQ in the London borough of Bromley. While he harbours a general suspicion of anyone hailing from north of the river, he eventually overcame his prejudices and stepped foot on “the other side” in order to go to the University of Sheffield.

Aidan moved to Sheffield for a total of 5 years, firstly to study Politics and Philosophy as an undergrad. He then stayed on to complete a Master’s degree in Global Security which focused on the history of terrorism in the Middle East. To complement this he also took night classes in Arabic officially making him the Sgt. Nicholas Brody of Periscopix! If you’re wondering why Aidan has an interest in the Middle East, it all stemmed from when Aidan followed his Dad out to Syria for a dentist convention (of all things) and subsequently fell in love with the place and the people.

Aside from his fascination with global security matters and exploring the possibility of world peace, Aidan finds his own peace on the football pitch and watching his team Yeovil Town (ouch). Aidan is also quite the musician who discovered he was a badass bassist when he was 17. He still plays in a band called the “Forefathers” (check ‘em out) with whom he travels up to Sheffield from London to play to the swarms of adoring fans (officially 225 at time of writing).

Aidan is also a self-proclaimed film geek and is confident that Toy Story is his favourite film ever. His most recent obsession is “weird 80s sci-fi”; he recommends “The Thing” if you’re wanting to break into the genre but just don’t know where to start!