“It’s too much to expect a man to be able to reduce all his accumulated experience, knowledge and spirit into a single pithy quote.”

Western Proverb

We often refer to ourselves as ninjas here on the Analytics Team, however, very few of us actually are. Adam is. Trained in Ninjutsu, he’s a straight up bona fide ninja - none of that Hollywood flipping nonsense. He also knows some Kung Fu and is the only person we know to have been hit in the face with a medieval mace and tell the tale. Might want to work on those flips there, buddy.

You see Adam’s a bit of a history lover, specifically competitive (unscripted) historical re-enactment. Adam’s seen things. We mentioned the mace, right? He’s also fought in shield walls, been charged by the cavalry (with actual terrifying horses) and seen men struck down by trebuchet-propelled grapefruit.

It’s not all grabs and grapefruit guts though; Adam’s a member of the weekly Periscopix yoga club and enjoys calisthenics and badminton in his spare time. When he’s not feeling so active, you can find him playing RPGs on his hand-built PC, playing D&D with friends or feeding his deep-seated love of music.

Human psychology fascinates Adam, having studied Psychology at Durham University. Favourite modules included consumer psychology and statistics, learning to understand the effectiveness of advertising and the consumer’s reaction. After a Research Methods Masters at Southampton, Adam decided that that was quite enough of academia, and applied to MI5 where he... signed the Official Secrets Act.

Adam didn’t want to be a G-Man though, and despite his analytical skills, raw data analysis was just a bit too dry. That’s when he found a virtual tour of our offices on Google. Like you, Adam realised Merkle | Periscopix was a bit different, and wanted to be a part of it. Now he works with some of our most prestigious clients on audience identification, content performance analyses, data visualisation projects and more!

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