“We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Adam is Periscopix’s writer-in-residence, having written a 40,000 word book set in his hometown of Belfast on a notorious local figure called Buck Alec who had a reputation for “streetfighting, robbery, and for owning a pet lion” according to Wikipedia. Despite his love for literature and writing, Adam has always been a computer geek at heart. As a child he would spend hours playing games online, and this passion for computers would later lead him to study ICT at A-level, where he learned to build websites using Dreamweaver.

After graduating with a First Class degree from Queen’s University, Adam travelled around South-East Asia for a year on a motorbike, “Top Gear style”. When he wasn’t zooming around on Honda Wave, he was indulging in the local cuisine, teaching English to members of China’s Communist Party and working in a hostel.

Adam was naturally drawn to digital marketing as he felt it matched his mix of creativity and geekiness. Upon reading about PPC, Adam became fascinated by the idea that your choice of words when writing ad copy could have an instant and measurable effect on campaign performance. Having seen some of Periscopix’s videos on graduate career websites, Adam felt an affinity for the company culture and values and knew this was the place he wanted to be.

Adam has an encyclopaedic knowledge of famous buildings and is the person to see about creative writing tips and start-ups.