“If you give in once, you'll give in twice.”

Alex Ferguson

Adam adheres to a strict button down collar only policy and will tell you that since he's been commuting from Wembley he has managed to watch "all" of the TV shows, and that they are mostly "fine".

Before joining the Periscopix team Adam had a varied job history to say the least. He worked in finance for a year and enjoyed the documentary Wolf of Wall Street a great deal. Before that he was a door to door salesman, who forced his way into your home and cooked you dinner, in what we can only imagine were construed to be the oddest robberies in history. He even has an air conditioning company named after him (which he ran with his Dad & which is still going strong) and managed to fund his way through university by making and selling his own brand of hot sauce.

Adam will bring this entrepreneurial spirit to your PPC campaigns and work tirelessly to find new angles and ways to get your customers "through the door". After all, now that he has finished Breaking Bad what else is he going to do?