“Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down.”

Ray Bradbury

Abby hails from Hertfordshire, in a small, friendly village called Chorleywood – renowned for its six charity shops! At school she dabbled in all things sport-related – netball, athletics, diving & even horse riding, though sadly she was forced to retire early after discovering she was allergic to horses... what a mare! Aside from sport, Abby was a very keen artist as well as being a member of the debate team at school, both of which come in very handy as she’s part of a HUGE family, meaning she can definitely hold her own during a Christmas Pictionary session!

On passing her Philosophy, English Language and Psychology A-Levels with flying colours, it was the latter that Abby took on to study further at Southampton University. Modules including The Psychology of Advertising & Consumer Behaviour gripped Abby and led her to investigate the inverse relationship between online research and health clinic attendance in youths for her dissertation. Being the busy bee that she is, Abby looked to the cheerleading squad for her extra-curricular fix during her time at Uni, culminating in her being club captain in her final year. Alongside multiple competitions, Abby was also part of the ‘game day’ squad, leading to her unrivalled knowledge of American Football at Periscopix!

Never one to rest on her laurels, Abby enrolled in a Digital Marketing Summer course straight after University. Her team won a marketing pitch for The Economist, conceiving a TED Talk-esque event to increase female readership for the publisher. Keep your eyes peeled for Abby appearing in an inspirational viral hit in the near future!

Abby’s unquestionable energy, inquisitiveness and personality make her a great asset to the team and a tremendously dependable account manager.