“Everyone just pretend to be normal.”

Richard Hoover, Little Miss Sunshine

From the lovely city of Sheffield, Abi is a proud Northerner whose pride mainly centres on her tea preference as she only drinks that of the Yorkshire variety – she is currently fiercely campaigning for all other teas to be banned from our London offices.

Abi’s childhood in Sheffield was briefly interrupted when she was seven by a two year move to Hong Kong with her parents and un-identical twin brother. There they lived in Happy Valley, a district on Hong Kong Island, and as the name suggests, Abi couldn’t help but love her time there. She attended a German international school where despite the school’s dedicated daily efforts to teach her Deutsch and Mandarin, Abi remained stubbornly mono-lingual.

A big music fan, Abi’s summers are filled with festivals, her favourite being the Spanish fiesta Benicàssim, and she is also known to play up a storm on the clarinet and piano, albeit not at the same time. A musical highlight for Abi was a fortuitous meeting with the Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner in a Sheffield kebab shop in the wee hours of the morning. At the time, Abi was admittedly more concerned with her delicious kebab than Mr Turner, but a great story nevertheless.

A philosophy graduate of Durham University, Abi spent three very profound years understanding the human existence as well as founding the fictitious Orienteering Society to gain free entry into a club one night. That night she saved a grand total of £4 so imagine what levels of efficiency she can reach with your PPC budgets!