“Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.”

Albert Einstein

Aaminah was born in Hillingdon where from an early age she dominated the local Karate club, reaching black belt in record time. Aaminah has used her Karate skills in a range of situations from shoe shopping to securing fish fingers at the dinner table. At the age of 11 her family moved to Slough (Come friendly bombs... see John Betjeman for the rest!) where she quickly integrated into the cool set at school. It did however take her two years to notice the existence of Linford (her fella) who had been in her class all the time but apparently "had not yet blossomed", although we all have full respect for him boldly striding up to her in the middle of the playground to ask her out, and after a visit to the pictures they have been together ever since. After school Aaminah attended Exeter University reading Economics and Politics; she spent a year in Singapore where she worked at an economic forecasting company before joining the team at Periscopix.

Aaminah's principle achievements seem to be mainly eating or fighting related; she claims to have eaten her body weight in both pizza and ice-cream (in different sittings) and was the only person to be disqualified from a Karate competition for being too effective. She is a hardcore shop-o-holic and recently chopped 11 inches off her hair which she donated to the charity Little Princess who use the hair for wigs.