“You see a mousetrap, I see free cheese and a challenge.”

Scroobius Pip

In his own words, Aadam spent his childhood narrowly avoiding a series of regional accents, having lived in Shoreham-by-Sea, Birmingham, and Bristol before even entering secondary school. Young Aadam dreamed of being a Palaeontologist. Once upon a time, he dragged his family on a trip to the fossil hub of the UK (Lyme Regis, for those not in the know) and planned to take his first steps towards making his dream a reality. But while Aadam’s brother successfully retrieved heaps of fossils, Aadam found a grand total of zero. With his Palaeontology dreams shattered, he took a few years to re-evaluate his life plan and decided on the next best thing – studying Pharmacology at the University of Manchester.

Aadam is a modest chap, and when describing his degree course claimed that it was basically ‘lots of time messing around in dark rooms with mice’. But if you ask Aadam about his dissertation, prepare to be dazzled: Adam spent his final year writing a project on ‘Cholinergic induced theta activity in the entorhinal cortex and surrounding hippocampus’. Doesn’t sound like messing around to us!

Having been cooped up in a lab for 3 years, Aadam took some time after Uni to go travelling around South America. Top 3 traveller stories from Aadam include: that time he had to sleep on the roof because the hostel had no beds; that other time that he got his shoes stolen on NYE in Rio, and that week he spent clearing the land on an organic farm with a glorified rake. Classic.

On his return from South America, Aadam made the big move to London and hasn’t looked back. He’s a keen urban explorer who loves cycling around the city and always wears his helmet (that one’s for you, Aadam’s mum). He is fiercely analytical, full of bright ideas and passionate about growing businesses through the power of PPC.