In May 2015 we were thrilled to join the Merkle organisation as part of its drive to become a worldwide leader in personalised data-driven digital marketing. With more than 3,500 employees and annual revenues of $500m, Merkle is an established major player in this market in the US. Besides Periscopix, Merkle has made four other European acquisitions: Data specialists DBG (February 2016), inbound marketing experts Comet Global Consulting (March 2016), digital intelligence and transformation consultancy Divisadero (2017) and data analytics company Aquila Insight (2017). Together we are working to build a unified operation with market leading capabilities.

  • We don’t try to do a bit of everything.

    We are different from the usual agency. We don’t try to do a bit of everything. We specialise in optimising biddable media exceptionally well and finding ways to improve the performance of our clients’ websites and marketing spend through intelligent analysis. We achieve this by hiring clever people and developing powerful software. Easy!

  • Ok, we admit it. We’re geeks.

    Merkle | Periscopix is a company driven by the passion of our staff. We’re marketing geeks and we’re kind of proud of that. Passionate and proud geeks who can utilise logic, technology and mathematics to maximise our clients’ success.

    In fact, while we are geeks first and foremost, we would also describe ourselves as Mathematicians, Statisticians, Computer Scientists and finally, and most importantly, Marketers. We only look like geeks when we wear our glasses though...

  • Genuine, honest feedback

    We NEVER make promises we can’t keep. Before embarking on a new assignment we will assess your objectives and give an honest assessment of how much value we genuinely think we can add. We promise to be firm but fair.

These things help differentiate us

  • People

    We have one of the largest qualified teams in the industry. This is because of our commitment to hiring and training and offering you the very best people to manage your campaigns.

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  • Data

    Our strategic approach to clients' briefs gives them staying power by driving strong commercial returns. At the end of the day, it's a two way relationship. If our clients grow - we grow too.

  • Detail

    The time we dedicate to detailed analysis and campaign optimisation is second to none in the industry. Our approach to biddable media is founded on optimisation and providing our clients with the most appropriate mix of ROI and brand building.

  • Staying ahead

    Utilising the expertise of our staff and in-house technology platform, Sonar, our data-driven, detail-orientated approach to biddable media enables us to deliver cutting edge campaigns which keep our clients ahead of the digital curve.