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    We have one of the largest qualified teams in the industry. This is because of our commitment to hiring and training and offering you the very best people to manage your campaigns.

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    We create data-driven campaigns to maximise your results. Our strategic approach to clients' briefs gives them staying power by driving strong commercial returns. At the end of the day, it's a two way relationship. If our clients grow - we grow too.

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    The time we dedicate to detailed analysis and campaign optimisation is second to none in the industry. Our approach to biddable media is founded on optimisation and providing our clients with the most appropriate mix of ROI and brand building.

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    Utilising the expertise of our staff and in-house technology platform, our data-driven, detail-orientated approach to biddable media enables us to deliver cutting edge campaigns which keep our clients ahead of the digital curve.

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The Merkle | Periscopix blog

All of the articles in our blog are written 100% by our staff; the same clever people who work on client campaigns & projects every day.

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  • Top Google Campaign Manager (a.k.a. DCM) Reports for Search Users

    By Georgina

    Google Campaign Manager offers some ingenious reports that give search users additional insight that cannot be provided from the Search Ads 360 or engine interfaces. This blog will take you through a few of our favourites; Attribution, Top Stats and Reach reports.

  • Data Normalization Made Easy With GTM

    By Yasen

    In data collection and analysis, there is a well-known saying: garbage in > garbage out. Read what a recent Google Tag Manager Update brings to the table to improve data quality through normalization.

  • Baseline Forecasting for Media Tests

    By William and Nam-Anh

    In this blog, we will explain two methods for measuring the impact of media tests and also how you can use this information to gain maximum insights from your media experiments.

  • How to amaze with your Amazon Advertising Campaigns

    By George

    In this blog, we run through the features of Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services) with some of our best practices including how you can build campaigns; optimize towards your KPIs; and report on campaigns successfully.