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    We have one of the largest qualified teams in the industry. This is because of our commitment to hiring and training and offering you the very best people to manage your campaigns.

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    We create data-driven campaigns to maximise your results. Our strategic approach to clients' briefs gives them staying power by driving strong commercial returns. At the end of the day, it's a two way relationship. If our clients grow - we grow too.

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    The time we dedicate to detailed analysis and campaign optimisation is second to none in the industry. Our approach to biddable media is founded on optimisation and providing our clients with the most appropriate mix of ROI and brand building.

  • Staying ahead

    Utilising the expertise of our staff and in-house technology platform, our data-driven, detail-orientated approach to biddable media enables us to deliver cutting edge campaigns which keep our clients ahead of the digital curve.

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The Merkle | Periscopix blog

All of the articles in our blog are written 100% by our staff; the same clever people who work on client campaigns & projects every day.

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  • Creative Formats: Lightboxes

    By Jordan

    Lightbox ads are highly customisable responsive and visually-rich creative units for display advertising. Find out how they work and why you should consider lightboxes in this blog.

  • Will the Real Brand Awareness Tool Please Stand Up! Ooo, Hey Video!

    By Matthew

    With users consuming an ever-increasing volume of video content online, there are myriad opportunities to connect with your audience in new and engaging ways. In this blog we run through the format from a strategy point of view, laying out the important questions you need to be able to answer before you fast-forward your campaign.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – Not your average two-year-old!

    By Matt

    A faster web is good for all but especially so for mobile users. Google’s recognition of this comes in the form of the AMP project and it’s just had a birthday… so what’s it all about?

  • Creative Formats: Interstitials

    By Jordan

    Interstitials take over the whole screen of a user's device, often appearing in-app or before an article loads online. We take a look at this increasingly popular ad format.