Creative sits at the heart of our display campaigns, and in particular programmatic campaigns - it’s what users see, what represents our clients’ brands, and what we use to drive digital performance (aside from the data, of course). Periscopix have the ability to offer creative builds in a range of forms to suit any data-driven programmatic campaign.

Dynamic creative

Our speciality.

Dynamic creatives allow advertisers to dynamically change elements of ads depending on the user, the environment and even the user location. Take this example:

Dynamic creative example

The final frame ad copy changes based on the location of the user who is seeing it. In addition to this, the ad copy in the middle frame is dynamic to allow for A/B testing as well as the call to action in the final frame. This means creatives can be both super tailored, and open to testing. This flexibility kick starts the road to managing and building the best creative for your brand.

To find out more about dynamic creative, read our various blogs on the topic:

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Audience Targeting + Dynamic Creative

Rich Media

Long gone are the days of static, flat (and therefore boring!) creatives. The ads that get people talking nowadays are interactive, video rich, expandable and even motion responsive. These types of ads are perfect for high-impact brand campaigns. Periscopix can create ads with this advanced functionality, known as Rich Media; it is where programmatic creative is headed.

Design is also key to the innovation and success of Rich Media ads. Syncing brand image with innovative creative function creates an invaluable asset in any advertiser’s digital marketing portfolio to get the crowds talking.

Periscopix offers both design and concept work alongside creative build for a seamlessly beautiful and exciting rich media creative.

For inspiration and ideas of what we can do, take a look at the DoubleClick Rich Media Gallery.

Data-driven creative

Aligning strategic creative with clever, data-driven digital campaigns is what puts Periscopix in a unique position. We can marry our digital and design strategies to drive performance and maximise brand awareness. The fact that we own the process from design through to campaign launch means we are in a position to help our clients:

  • Gain the best holistic view of the design process
  • Minimise set up time (and therefore cost)
  • Build creatives which create alignment across our clients’ programmatic and wider marketing strategies

Unlike other agencies, our creative team are experts in running programmatic campaigns too, so we understand what makes a programmatic campaign tick. This knowledge allows us to build creatives which work perfectly in the programmatic environment. Being able to feed data into the design and function is invaluable, and we can set up our creative strategy to work perfectly with advertisers’ programmatic goals and insights.

Give us a call! Find out how we can fulfil your creative design and build needs.