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Astrid Van Heijl

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The process we developed

Initially we analysed performance of BMJ’s existing campaign and decided that the best way forward was to build new campaigns from scratch, composed of a larger number of well targeted ad groups, each using specific deep landing pages.

We also created a separate campaign targeting medical professionals in the USA. From this we have gained valuable insight into the different types of search terms people use between the USA and UK.

Pay Per Click success

In the first couple of months of running the new Periscopix campaigns, performance was comparable to BMJ's old campaign, with similar click volumes and cost per click. Since then, with in-depth campaign management and use of our own in-house bid management software, we have been successful in reducing cost per click by 76% and now achieve roughly 7 times the volume of clicks experienced in the first month of the new campaign. We have even had some months with over 10 times the initial volume of clicks.