Interested in working at Merkle | Periscopix?

Our team of digital marketing specialists features graduates in subjects ranging from English and Engineering to Psychology and Statistics. We've got people who ride unicycles, who've had top 40 singles and even people that don’t like cheese. Unbrie-lievable.

Heartbreak Hotel

We've been growing quickly and currently number over 180. An average age of 27 means there’s plenty of socialising cross-department plus whole company socials ranging from Zorb football, rounders, fish-and-chip Fridays and treasure hunts.

Team Building

We want everyone who works with us to enjoy coming into work and strive to provide a fantastic working environment with a strong team spirit, first class career development opportunities and a healthy work/life balance, with a goal of ensuring that everyone gets to leave the office at 5.30pm sharp as much as is practically possible, to maintain a positive and productive team.

All On Stage

We don't mind if you're not currently a whizz in this field; our comprehensive training programmes will have you up to speed in next to no time and you'll be creating award-winning work before you know it.

Action Shot

Given our brilliant (and dashing) team, the all-important work-life balance we promote and the strong training and opportunities we provide, our team retention rate is well above the average for our sector. Not only do we keep our staff – we're also looking for more people to join us!

Winning Team

If you think you're the next budding Periscopian then take a look at the below and make your application. We'd be delighted to invite you in for a cuppa, a Jammy Dodger and a chat through your CV and experience to date.

To learn a bit more about what it's like to work at Merkle | Periscopix, take a look at our Day in the Life blog series where we meet some of the team.

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