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  • Refreshing Your Display Campaign

    18.09.2014 Posted in Display

    The GDN is a behemoth of a display network, currently it reaches over 90% of internet users worldwide. We all know that it can be a valuable channel to tap into, but without regular optimisation your campaign can grow stagnant. Read more here

    By Thomas McCarron

  • Rule One: You Do Not Talk About Search Companion (Display Select Keywords Is Okay Though)

    03.09.2014 Posted in Display, Search by Emma Searle

    The Search Companion Marketing beta is finally being rolled out - but under a new name! We shed some light on the new release of Display Select Keywords. Read more here

  • Additional Budget Planning

    01.09.2014 Posted in Display by Liz Rutgersson

    It’s one of the best problems a marketer can have: extra digital marketing budget. I call it a problem because it can sometimes feel like just that. It’s not always easy to decide how to efficiently and effectively allocate digital spend in general, and can be even trickier when you’ve got a bit more in your pot than you expected and need to spend it quickly. Read more here

  • Display: A World Full of Acronyms

    28.08.2014 Posted in Display by Sergio Lopez

    RTB, DDM, DSP, DBM, DCM, DS3, DFA, DFP… WTF! Getting your head around the programmatic world might be challenging with all these new names, but after reading this post you’ll understand everything. Read more here

  • Searching Beyond Search

    31.07.2014 Posted in Display by Jessica Maunder

    Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) could be your marketing solution to beating the increased online search competition and sky-rocketing cost per clicks. This blog discusses the major changes in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising that requires the need to search further than your Google AdWords account to reach your consumers, and suggests how RTB will help achieve this. Read more here

  • Facebook Is Now in a Relationship… With Direct Response Advertising

    31.07.2014 Posted in Display by Richard Sowler

    I have drawn on the experience of some of our greatest account managers here to give you an overview of some new Facebook advertising features and show how they can help direct response marketing. Read more here

  • The Display Planner: Finding the Most Relevant GDN Content

    08.07.2014 Posted in Display by Anna Shirley

    Google's Display Planner can help you find the most relevant content and the best targeting options available for your Display Network campaigns. Read more here

  • Mobile Display: Have No Fear!

    30.06.2014 Posted in Display, Mobile by Liz Rutgersson

    Are you still living in fear that you’re behind the mobile curve? Worried you don’t have the knowledge or capacity to create a competitive mobile display strategy? You’re not alone. To date there has been a ‘smoke and mirrors’ situation taking place within the mobile display space. Read more here

  • Brand Awareness vs Direct Response on the GDN

    26.06.2014 Posted in Display by Rowland Bennett

    Advertising on the Google Display Network – how should your strategy change when your focus is on brand awareness, as opposed to direct response? This blog considers the options. Read more here

  • Have No Fear, Smart Lists Are Here!

    05.06.2014 Posted in Analytics, Display by Rebekah Schelfhout

    In April Google Analytics officially announced the launch of Smart Lists. Find out more about why you should use this new type of remarketing list. Read more here