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  • The Display Planner: Finding the Most Relevant GDN Content

    08.07.2014 Posted in Display

    Google's Display Planner can help you find the most relevant content and the best targeting options available for your Display Network campaigns. Read more here

    By Anna Shirley

  • Mobile Display: Have No Fear!

    30.06.2014 Posted in Display, Mobile by Liz Rutgersson

    Are you still living in fear that you’re behind the mobile curve? Worried you don’t have the knowledge or capacity to create a competitive mobile display strategy? You’re not alone. To date there has been a ‘smoke and mirrors’ situation taking place within the mobile display space. Read more here

  • Brand Awareness vs Direct Response on the GDN

    26.06.2014 Posted in Display by Rowland Bennett

    Advertising on the Google Display Network – how should your strategy change when your focus is on brand awareness, as opposed to direct response? This blog considers the options. Read more here

  • Have No Fear, Smart Lists Are Here!

    05.06.2014 Posted in Analytics, Display by Rebekah Schelfhout

    In April Google Analytics officially announced the launch of Smart Lists. Find out more about why you should use this new type of remarketing list. Read more here

  • 2014 Football World Cup and RTB Display

    29.05.2014 Posted in Display by Liz Rutgersson

    The World Cup 2014 is almost upon us. For some this means a month of excitement, partying, competition and countless hours watching the world’s sport played by the world’s best. For others (me) this means countless hours of boredom, not only being forced to have it on the television at home but also hearing 9 out of 10 conversations in the office revolve around football. By the way, do draws still occur during the World Cup? If so I’m even less excited than I thought… 90 minutes of dullness ending without a winner? I can’t handle it. So this time around I’ve decided to take a different angle and discuss how all advertisers can use the World Cup to their display campaigns’ advantage! (Seriously, this is more exciting to me than football.) Read more here

  • The Evolution of Interest Category Marketing

    20.05.2014 Posted in Display by Rebekah Schelfhout

    Google has recently improved interest category marketing by giving us further options to drive performance. Are you taking advantage of these options? Read more here

  • Remarketing – Standard or Dynamic?

    15.05.2014 Posted in Display by Katherine Maryon

    In this blog I will be comparing the results of dynamic & static remarketing for our ecommerce client base. Read more here

  • Taking Tips From Search: Hunting for Clues for Your Display Campaign Structure

    06.05.2014 Posted in Display by Natalie Monk

    Taking your search campaign to the GDN may seem a little daunting at first, especially when it comes to implementing your initial strategy, but scouring your search campaign for handy tips and clues may help inform your display targeting decisions. Read more here

  • New Features in DoubleClick

    02.05.2014 Posted in Display by Liz Rutgersson

    Google have once again released some very useful and well-timed updates to their RTB platform, DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM). I’ll highlight a few that the display team at Periscopix are particularly excited about and discuss whether or not we think they’ll be useful additions. Read more here

  • Curing Banner Blindness with RTB

    02.04.2014 Posted in Display by Jessica Maunder

    Banner blindness is a becoming a serious issue within today’s marketing industry. Consumers are training themselves to visually ‘tune out’ of advertising content, making it difficult to justify the efforts and costs associated with running online display ads. This blog offers some simple implementation solutions to restore the credibility of Real Time Bidding campaigns, improve consumer engagement and, ultimately, maximise ROI. Read more here