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  • Google Analytics Blog Roundup

    31.07.2014 Posted in

    This month we’re highlighting some of the great articles the GA team have written, including some great cross-team collaboration between the PPC and Analytics teams. Read more here

    By Ben Gott

  • Reaching the Summit

    30.06.2014 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Last month, Jeff, Olly and I flew out to California to hear what Google had to say about the latest developments in the world of Google Analytics. Conditions were poor, they had run out of bloody mary ingredients on the flight over and the hotel spa only had a choice of lemon or cucumber water but we soldiered on to get the information that matters, just for you. Read more here

  • Annual Google Analytics Summit Update

    29.05.2014 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Olly, Jeff and I are once more in California for the Annual Google Analytics Summit. The first important thing to note is that Google finally saw the light and moved the summit to spring/summer rather than Autumn/Winter. So we have some nice weather this year. The Brits are of course, now sporting some nicely pink sunburned faces and necks after a day of sightseeing in San Francisco. But of course that is not why you are reading this, on to the summit itself. Read more here

  • Universal Analytics – Believe the Hype

    02.04.2014 Posted in by Ben Gott

    I mentioned last month that the time is nigh to start thinking about Universal Analytics as a serious and ready successor to what we are now calling ‘Classic Analytics’. We’ve also been hammering the message about Google Tag Manager recently. The point being that the two pieces of technology together are allowing us to make what were previously very technically demanding processes much more simple. And that’s before we get on to the actual benefits of using Universal Analytics. Read more here

  • Never blog about tracking, never blog about tracking, never blog about tracking.

    27.02.2014 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Director of Web Analytics, Ben Gott, discusses how Google Tag Manager is revolutionising tracking. Read more here

  • Analytics Overview - Jan 2014

    31.01.2014 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Head of Web Analytics, Ben Gott, highlights new feature in Google Analytics and the performance of Periscopix's GA team. Read more here

  • Riding the Google Rocket – 14 New Features From This Year’s Google Analytics Summit

    04.10.2013 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Here, I'll take you through some of the excellent product updates announced at the 2013 Google Analytics Summit. Read more here

  • Google Analytics Summit 2012: Universal Analytics

    01.11.2012 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Olly and I traveled all the way to the West Coast of the U.S of A, braving natural disasters and deep vein thrombosis to bring you the very latest from the GA/measurement world at the 8th Annual Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit. Read more here

  • #Cookielaw: Don’t Do Nothing

    28.05.2012 Posted in by Ben Gott

    So there it is, our 11th hour reprieve really did come at the 11th hour. Or 8771st hour if you account for the fact that it was already a year late. But the good news is, it did come. Read more here

  • 5 Google Analytics V5 Unsung Heroes

    28.04.2012 Posted in by Ben Gott

    GA V5 is now the default for all users. It brought with it some great features, from enhanced mobile reporting to multi touch attribution and navigation visualisation to social media integration. However, I’m dedicating this post to 5 unsung hero features that let us as analysts get the most out of the tool either by making our lives that little bit easier or providing enhanced functionality. Read more here

  • Love Thy Web Analyst

    04.02.2012 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Just the other day, Adam and I were pondering what it meant to be a web analyst. In the past we thought of ourselves as experts in the deployment of tools and techniques to help measure performance. Increasingly however, our role goes way beyond this. I put a post up over at Econsultancy to mull over these thoughts and share ideas with other web analysts. Read more here

  • Google Analytics Premium is Here

    29.09.2011 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Today Google launched their Premium Web Analysis offering to the enterprise market. It weighs in at the heavyweight end of the market. It is set to be a steal for those with big data requirements. (up to 1 billion hits per month). Read more here

  • Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels Go Live

    27.08.2011 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Multi Channel Funnels are here! Starting Wednesday the 24th of August 2011, you should begin to see Multi Channel Funnels (MCF) appearing in the new version of your Google Analytics interface. Read more here

  • Google Changes GA “Visits” Definition

    18.08.2011 Posted in by Ben Gott

    On Thursday the 11th of August 2011 Google made a subtle but important change to the way they classify a visit (session) in Google Analytics. Read more here

  • New cookie regulations: latest ‘advice’

    18.05.2011 Posted in by Ben Gott

    So it seems I am eating my words on the issue of the new EU cookie regulations. The latest information on the subject, published by the Information Commissioner’s Office seems to be adhering to the letter of the EU directive far more than most in the industry would have believed. Read more here

  • Google Analytics Gets Multi-touchy (Feely)

    19.04.2011 Posted in by Ben Gott

    As Google Analytics Certified Partners we occasionally benefit from Google related perks; the odd free polo shirt, a trip to San Francisco every year, and a whole load of cool new features to Beta test. The one I have been most excited about since hearing its name uttered last September is the all new Multi-Channel Funnels feature. Read more here

  • Web Analytics in the UK - where are we going?

    18.01.2010 Posted in by Ben Gott

    My review of the UK web analytics market based on the Econsultancy Web Analytics Buyers Guide went live this weekend. Read more here

  • What are your web analytics plans for 2010?

    08.01.2010 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Another year, more resolutions made. Given that it’s the middle of January already, there have probably been an almost equal number of resolutions broken. Read more here

  • Analysing AdWords Positions in Google Analytics

    21.12.2009 Posted in by Ben Gott

    This month’s SearchEngineLand post links our two favourite things in the world; Google AdWords and Google Analytics: Read more here

  • Analysing Short & Long Keywords Using Google Analytics

    14.11.2009 Posted in by Ben Gott

    As a search agency we see many different styles of PPC campaign design, from in-house teams, other agencies, and occasionally running across those from the search engines themselves. Read more here

  • Convert More Users Using Advanced Segments

    19.10.2009 Posted in by Ben Gott

    We are now regular columnists on Search Engine Land. Read more here

  • Underused Google Analytics Features - Part Eight

    09.09.2009 Posted in by Ben Gott

    We just love it when we can blend our two main skill sets into one quick easy package. Especially when the solution is a bit dirty. Read more here

  • Introducing, The PlusBox

    24.04.2009 Posted in by Ben Gott

    A small observation from the sponsored links today. Google appears to be testing a new, expandable ad format. Seen here with an advert for bed sheets at Littlewoods (I was searching for plastic sheets, the acrylic variety). Users have the option of expanding the ad to view some of the products on offer without clicking through to the Littlewoods website. Presumably, the cost is only incurred when a user clicks through to the website. Read more here

  • What`s Your GA IQ?

    05.03.2009 Posted in by Ben Gott

    I’m pleased to say I got in amongst the first to achieve a Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GA IQ) today. Read more here

  • A Change of Character?

    23.02.2009 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Google ad titles have a maximum of 25 characters right? Read more here

  • PPC In 2009 - Maximising your returns from search marketing

    11.11.2008 Posted in by Ben Gott

    As we’ve seen recently, average click costs are increasing on Google, unbearably so in some markets….. Read more here

  • Google Lifts Gambling Advertising Ban

    16.10.2008 Posted in by Ben Gott

    Google have announced that they are to lift the ban on advertising gambling websites on their AdWords platform in the UK. As of tomorrow (17/10/08), gambling websites including poker, bingo, and sports betting will be able to advertise on AdWords in the UK providing that they hold a license in their home countries Read more here

  • GooHoo! “Promoting Competition, Innovation and Consumer Protection in Online Advertising”

    23.09.2008 Posted in by Ben Gott

    The long-scrutinised ad serving deal between Yahoo and Google took a step closer to realisation with Google launching an information site about the partnership. Google reckon that their technology will help users to target previously lacking long-tail keywords to ads on the Yahoo SERP. Surely a much needed improvement. Read more here