• Google Analytics Blog Round-up

    By Ben in Analytics

    This month we’re highlighting some of the great articles the GA team have written, including some great cross-team collaboration between the PPC and Analytics teams.

  • Reaching the Summit

    By Ben in Analytics

    Last month, Jeff, Olly and I flew out to California to hear what Google had to say about the latest developments in the world of Google Analytics. Conditions were poor, they had run out of bloody mary ingredients on the flight over and the hotel spa only had a choice of lemon or cucumber water but we soldiered on to get the information that matters, just for you.

  • Annual Google Analytics Summit Update

    By Ben in Analytics

    Olly, Jeff and I are once more in California for the Annual Google Analytics Summit.

  • Universal Analytics – Believe the Hype

    By Ben in

    I mentioned last month that the time is nigh to start thinking about Universal Analytics as a serious and ready successor to what we are now calling ‘Classic Analytics’. We’ve also been hammering the message about Google Tag Manager recently. The point being that the two pieces of technology together are allowing us to make what were previously very technically demanding processes much more simple. And that’s before we get on to the actual benefits of using Universal Analytics.

  • Never blog about tracking, never blog about tracking, never blog about tracking

    By Ben in Analytics

    Director of Web Analytics, Ben Gott, discusses how Google Tag Manager is revolutionising tracking.

  • Analytics Overview - Jan 2014

    By Ben in Analytics

    Head of Web Analytics, Ben Gott, highlights new feature in Google Analytics and the performance of Periscopix's GA team.

  • Riding the Google Rocket – 14 New Features From This Year’s Google Analytics Summit

    By Ben in Analytics

    Here, I'll take you through some of the excellent product updates announced at the 2013 Google Analytics Summit.

  • Google Analytics Summit 2012: Universal Analytics

    By Ben in Analytics

    Olly and I traveled all the way to the West Coast of the U.S of A, braving natural disasters and deep vein thrombosis to bring you the very latest from the GA/measurement world at the 8th Annual Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit.