By Janie Casey

Janie joined Periscopix in March and has travelled the world - twice! She is a keen runner and a qualified SSI scuba diver and lifeguard. Having recently finished our three month training programme - she gives us the low-down on life as a new joiner.

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Prior to joining Periscopix, do you feel that you were fully prepared for what was to come?

Yes. I had done a lot of research in preparation for my final interview presentation so I felt like I had a strong basic knowledge of what I would be doing and how PPC works. It was also made clear to me that we weren’t expected to know everything before joining. I think the best preparation you can do is research to get a good understanding of the basics. It makes it a lot easier in the first couple of weeks if you understand the terms and phrases used. 

What can a new joiner expect in their first week?

The first week is great and is really about helping you adjust to working at Periscopix. The first day involves a welcome breakfast with all the new joiners and your assigned buddies. You then start your training straight away with training sessions scheduled once a day and a task to complete following the session.  Everyone is really welcoming and you can expect a lot of people offering you help and assistance.

How did you find the training process in Academy as a whole? 

I really enjoyed it! We had training sessions every day in the first two-three weeks, working through the basics. Gradually the training slows down and you begin doing more practical work. The overall pace of the training is really well balanced, giving you enough time to absorb all of the new information but at the same time always having something to do.

What did you enjoy the most during your time in the Academy?

What I really liked about the Academy is the team environment and the different experience levels of the team. The Academy team is made up of new joiners in their first four months at Periscopix, meaning there is a mixture of skill levels. When I first entered the Academy, it was really useful being around more experienced people to answer questions. They were also able to provide tips and advice as they had been through the training a few months before. 

Having been here for a few months now, I am able to provide assistance to new joiners and it also allows me to realise how much I have learnt in a reasonably short space of time.

What advice would you give to future new joiners?

Be proactive and use your time wisely. You do have some days where you might not have a training session. Use this time to work through ‘filtered’ and study for your AdWords Fundamentals exam. 

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