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Sara Freitas

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  • Should You Bid On Your Competitors’ Brand Terms?

    22.04.2014 Posted in Search

    Bidding on others' brand terms seems to be a sneaky way to claw back some traffic from your competitors, but is it always worth it? Read more here

    By Nancy Reynolds

  • 5 Tips for PLA Optimisation

    17.04.2014 Posted in Search by Emma Searle

    With free Google Shopping listings now nothing but a distant memory here in the UK, it’s important to ensure your PLAs are working hard to get you the best return. In this blog we list our top 5 tips for optimising a Product Listing Ads campaign. Read more here

  • A Quick Tip To Pass Device Information Into Your 3rd Party Tracking

    15.04.2014 Posted in Search by Mike Rowe

    As internet usage continues to increase across both tablet and mobile devices, the need to understand the relative value of users on each of these devices becomes all the more necessary. This is especially important for those markets that have seen an accelerated uptake in mobile, just one example of which is the online gambling industry. Read more here

  • Secure Search and AdWords

    11.04.2014 Posted in News, Search by Alistair Dent

    With Google's announcement that all ad clicks are moving to secure search, we take a look at what has changed and who/what it might affect. Read more here

  • A Recipe For Improved AdWords Clickthrough Rate?

    10.04.2014 Posted in Search by Jessica Hodgson

    Continued ad copy testing is crucial to ensure you are getting the most from your ads. These quick tests could lead to interesting results. Read more here

  • Google Business View: Why Businesses Should Take Note

    08.04.2014 Posted in News by Raman Verma

    Google launched Street View back in 2007 and at first it was nothing more than a novelty. Privacy advocates saw it as the final nail in the coffin; after all, Google was now taking photos of people leaving strip clubs, sunbathers in bikinis, people getting arrested, burglars jumping fences, and more. Never heard of these issues? Then you’ll enjoy this blog about 36 Embarrassing Street View Sightings. Read more here

  • Curing Banner Blindness with RTB

    02.04.2014 Posted in Display by Jessica Maunder

    Banner blindness is a becoming a serious issue within today’s marketing industry. Consumers are training themselves to visually ‘tune out’ of advertising content, making it difficult to justify the efforts and costs associated with running online display ads. This blog offers some simple implementation solutions to restore the credibility of Real Time Bidding campaigns, improve consumer engagement and, ultimately, maximise ROI. Read more here

  • Recent Developments in AdWords

    02.04.2014 Posted in Search by Alistair Dent

    Several recent developments in AdWords are going under the radar at the moment, but both of these will have an impact on people doing Search. I want to highlight these and discuss them a little. Read more here

  • Universal Analytics – Believe the Hype

    02.04.2014 Posted in Analytics by Ben Gott

    I mentioned last month that the time is nigh to start thinking about Universal Analytics as a serious and ready successor to what we are now calling ‘Classic Analytics’. We’ve also been hammering the message about Google Tag Manager recently. The point being that the two pieces of technology together are allowing us to make what were previously very technically demanding processes much more simple. And that’s before we get on to the actual benefits of using Universal Analytics. Read more here

  • Google Plus and Social Annotations – The Update

    01.04.2014 Posted in Search by Gerren Allen

    AdWords have recently made it easier for Google+ data to be displayed with your ads and within the AdWords interface. Read on to find out more. Read more here