First Interaction - Why Attribution?

So your first thought - why would I change the way I report?

Well, have you always wondered which channels are grabbing people's attention and raising brand awareness? Are these channels different to your last-click top performers? Luckily for you, we're nosey data analysts - we will help answer these questions and many, many more for you by using a host of different tools to interrogate inter- and intra-channel attribution data. 

So first interaction awareness piece over, here's a few examples of questions we answer:

  • Which traffic sources are being under-valued?
  • Within a channel, are different targeting types seen at different stages  of the decision-making process?
  • Where can budget be best allocated to utilise all channels?
  • Are there other channels with similar attribution characteristics that could be exploited?

Sharing our attribution knowledge and giving you answers are our priorities for every attribution project; we've also found it's great way to expose any tagging or tracking issues.

Attribution diagram

The most important art of any attribution project is buy-in from you. We need to be confident that any results that arise from our analysis can actually be put in to place. IT might be that we're looking for reallocation of budget, tweaking of marketing messaging or recommending more time for a particular channel. Come to us with an open mind & we'll open your eyes to what your marketing channels are doing.

Assist Interaction - What We Do

Our bespoke collaborative analysis will take you through a full knowledge sharing programme, enabling you to conduct attribution analysis in-house in future. We also offer attribution reviews to provide you with a wealth of data and actionable insights. 

We start top level, with insight into how each channel should truly be reported. Depending on your interest we can then delve into how the different channels interact with one another or look at how revenue changes based on our analysis.

This needn’t be limited to your online marketing channels. Google’s TV Attribution, a key feature of Attribution 360, enables you to measure the success of your TV ads, broken down by channel and spot time, and tie this into your online advertising by helping you understand the impact your TV is having on searches and traffic to your site, providing actionable insight.

From there we delve even deeper, looking at different time lags (another good excuse for lovely diagrams, see below) and marketing touchpoints. We look to understand if high or low value conversions have different paths and whether there's any consistency in where a particular channel or campaign sits along the path to conversion.

Custom attribution models are the final piece of the puzzle (for now). We make data-driven decisions to fully customise a model and begin a change management process across your reporting.

Example Path to Conversion report

Time to purchase report

Last Interaction - The Results Are In

In our opinion, there's so much you can do with this information that any website engaging in more than one paid-for channel has got to be paying attention to their attribution reports. The key outcomes can easily be classified into one of the below:

  • Changes to channel split and budget
  • Improvements to intra-channel targeting (spend, marketing message, etc)
  • Introduction of new channels or removal of underperforming channels
  • The creation of an enduring ongoing attribution model to use for all future marketing measurement efforts

The final point is where we pull together the intelligence that we have gathered and use it to inform what model would be best for you. For example, using the time lag analysis to understand your optimum lookback window. Or understanding whether we should be giving less credit to direct visits. Or establishing if there's a correlation between longer visits and higher conversion rate.

Case Study


After recognising that their customers were interacting with the brand online far more than just a last click, Endsleigh signed up for personalised collaborative attribution analysis with our Google Analytics team.Over six interactive sessions we covered everything from the basics of attribution through to advanced multi-channel funnel reports and model analysis. The culmination of the project has seen impressive results, and thanks to a custom attribution model, which was based on data-driven decisions, we reduced Endsleigh's AdWords CPA by 47%.

ready the full case study here

Attribution Consultancy

From some simple Excel wizardry and the standard Google Analytics reports, to paid-for solutions like DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Analytics 360 and Attribution 360, we're well versed in the options available to help with your Attribution Analysis. The pros and cons are too vast to mention (and we felt two Venn diagrams on one page might be overkill!) so get in touch if you're interested in finding out more and we'd be happy to walk you through it. If you come to us, we'll throw in a coffee and a custard cream too.