What is Attribution 360?

Part of the Analytics 360 Suite, Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry) is a fully integrated attribution solution, using data primarily from within the 360 Suite and sharing its data back across the Suite and within DoubleClick. It helps advertisers and agencies alike to truly understand the value of investment across all channels from TV to Paid Search; Display to door-drops; and allocate conversion credit and budgets across these channels with trust in the data. The key features of Attribution 360 include:

  1. Cross-Device Attribution using the Google Device Graph, so you can not only see the cross-channel journey, but how users behaviour across numerous devices too. Crucially this is one of the key differentiators that Google's attribution tool offers above the competition.
  2. Ease of implementation, with a direct integration with all 360 Suite and Doubleclick products, no additional tags or tracking have to be set up to use the platform.
  3. Incremental TV Impact, using machine learning to establish both the minute by minute impact and incremental impact to determine success of TV ads broken down to channel and advert level. Another key differentiator is due to Google's strength in Search, you are able to understand the impact of your TV on keyword searches, as well as website traffic.

What does Attribution 360 contain?

How we can help

Our attribution support is tailored depending on your needs, from pure attribution analysis, to collaborative Attribution 360 support, to even leading multi-agency attribution projects. Our aim is to ensure that, not only digital channels are aligned, but stakeholders across all agencies and business units can optimise towards a fully aligned customer journey.

A typical client support package would contain any or all of the following:

  • Initial cross-platform data validation process to ensure accuracy and reliability moving forwards
  • Weekly and monthly reporting using the Attribution 360 data-driven model, including the creation of different reports for different stakeholders
  • Support with analysis and generating insight with which to inform and improve marketing 
  • Quarterly business reviews to discuss the data-driven strategy being worked on, ensuring alignment between vendors, agencies and you 
  • Training on the Attribution 360 interface to ensure knowledge transfer between us and you
  • Education around cross-platform variances across the 360 products and the wider marketing channels being engaged with
  • Support with the wider change management process to ensure that data-driven approach is being accepted and adopted

The Attribution 360 interface


Expert advice

If you're not sure whether you'd benefit from Attribution 360, give us a shout. We're experts in comparing, and can help you to understand whether you'd benefit from using, the attribution functionality within AdWords and the DoubleClick stack, the attribution suite within Google Analytics, Attribution 360 and third-party offerings, like Qubit and Adalyser.