“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Amy is half TOWIE half Kiwi. Somehow the combination of these two accents has her own landing right smack bang in the middle of "BBC Broadcaster from the 50s". Naturally this number of accents flying around her house growing up peaked her interest in language from an early age. She maintains this is why she studied Italian and Spanish at university – and not because the language double header gave her an excuse for two separate summer holidays each year.

During these extended breaks Amy would trade dancing lessons for Mojitos and Sangria which gave her ample opportunity to practice her moves and the art of Dutch courage. The culmination of these events occurred in 2015 with a (5 second) appearance on Strictly as (she insists again) "Main backing dancer".

However, Amy isn't all about the regimented turns of the ballroom floor – indeed, she was chucked out of scouts for playing fast and loose with the rules during the annual go karting competition. It is this combination of order and adventure that Amy will use to take your PPC accounts to the next level.