“X never, ever marks the spot.”

Henry Jones Jr.

Al is our Director of Paid Media, although don’t let his lofty title mislead you; he is all about the details, relentlessly ensuring we incorporate the most subtle evolution in AdWords into the accounts of all relevant clients. Al likes to lead from the front in both knowledge and action, from blogging and talking at conferences and events to being elbow deep in VBA code developing feed tools.

After graduating with a First in Economics and completing a Masters at LSE Al spent years working for Deloitte on a range of MOD projects from missile guidance systems to the second generation of Trident. The years spent sleeping in hotel rooms around the country, eating (mainly protein) alone and using gyms that never had a good enough squat rack took their toll and he searched for another application for his mathematical mind.

Now a cornerstone of the team, Al oversees all paid media activities to ensure that the quality of our search and RTB work is ahead of the curve and we retain our position as industry leaders.

Alistair wants...

a pie sandwich